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Lydia is Pearl Lemon's Operations Director. Outside of Pearl Lemon, you can find her running, lifting, and hiking OR raising bees.

Haram Forem Trading?

Is Forex Trading Haram?

What is Haram? Haram simply translates to prohibited or unlawful as written in the Qur’an. This being it goes against certain rules and followings outlined for the Islamic faith. Haram activities or items include, but are not limited to: Gambling Earning Interest Alcohol Consumption Pork Consumption Tattoos Polytheism What is Haram vs Halal? So, after …

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forex job

Forex Jobs – Best Career Opportunities for Financial Experts

Photo credit: Investopedia Does Forex offer employment opportunities? Simply put, absolutely! Having said that, it is not advised that everyone begin a career in the world of Forex. The average person does not have the necessary skill level to engage in profitable forex trading. You must comprehensively understand what Forex is and how it operates and know …

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no nonsense forex

No Nonsense Forex

Photo credit: Liberal Dictionary A Practical Approach to Forex You should adopt a streamlined and uncomplicated trading strategy if you’re looking for no-nonsense Forex. Our quick tutorial will help you better accomplish your trading objectives by deconstructing our straightforward approach to Forex. What is Forex Trading? First things first, what is Forex Trading? Forex is …

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Forex Trading

What is Forex Trading and How Does It Work?

What is Forex Trading? Trading currencies on the foreign exchange market is known as forex. Trading currencies implies buying, holding, or selling based on the conversion point and trading against other currencies. Pips, or tiny variations, are used to measure these points. Trading profits are derived from these pips discrepancies. Because it operates worldwide, forex …

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