Forex Trading for Gold Owners

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The phrase “gold forex trading” refers to strategies for gaining exposure to gold through FX markets. You can trade the precious metal as a dollar-denominated currency pair or through gold-linked pairs as an alternative to purchasing and selling it or speculating on its price using futures.

Given that gold has historically been used as money, it is not unexpected that it continues to be a widely recognised component of the foreign exchange market. The currency code for it is XAU.

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For currency traders looking to diversify their portfolios and gain exposure to the commodity, trading gold on the FX market might be a terrific option. 

It’s a well-liked hedge against inflation because of its steadiness in comparison to other assets during times of global crisis. 

When significant market-moving events occur, investors frequently pay close attention to the commodity as they rush into the metal as a safe haven.

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Forex Vs. Gold Trading

Your level of risk tolerance and trading objectives will ultimately determine whether you choose to purchase currencies or gold.

The foreign exchange market, sometimes known as forex, is the biggest financial market in the world, with daily trade volume totalling about $6 trillion. Since there is so much activity, forex is very volatile, which means that even though there are many opportunities, there is also a significant risk involved.

The stability of gold trading has made it one of the most well-liked assets for preserving wealth. While some forex traders may be more interested in short-term price changes, the majority of gold traders will try to profit from longer-term trends.

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How to Trade Gold in Forex


It is now much more straightforward than ever to trade gold on the currency market. We’ve put up a step-by-step guide on how to trade gold in foreign exchange:

Connect to Forex

For its security, forex demands an account. Before you begin your trading career, be sure you have an account. CLICK HERE to create an account.

Lookup A Currency Pair

You have a wide variety of currencies to pick from. The US dollar, Australian dollar, South African rand, and Swiss franc are all acceptable.

US Dollar

Historically, there has been an inverse link between gold and the US dollar. Money has shifted from gold to currencies as investor optimism has grown. In contrast, moments of economic worry have caused money to move into gold and away from riskier assets (like FX).

Australian Dollar

Due to Australia’s ranking as the third-largest gold producer in the world, gold and the Australian Dollar are closely correlated. Each year, it contributed gold valued at roughly $5 billion.

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South African Rand

Due to South Africa’s significant gold exports, the South African Rand and gold are frequently connected. Therefore, it is assumed that the price of ZAR will increase along with the price of gold.

This was especially true when the Rand initially went into circulation, but the association is still there because around 15% of the nation’s overall exports are made up of precious metals.

Swiss Franc

Given that gold reserves back more than 25% of Switzerland’s currency, the Swiss franc has historically risen and fallen in tandem with the price of gold. The Swiss Franc is a frequently used substitute for gold.

Following geopolitical tensions between the US and the Middle East in early 2020, we witnessed this relationship in full force as gold soared to almost $1560 per troy ounce, and the franc followed to trade at intraday highs of $1.03.

Going Long or Short on The Price

Of course, this one is entirely arbitrary. Whether you want to go long or short must be decided. This is a crucial part of the sale because this will determine how you’ll be selling it and who will buy it.

Put Your Positions

Stops and limitations can be added as needed. Verify your input a second time to make sure all the restrictions have been set.

Monitor Your Trade and Close It

If you’re doing everything yourself, you must oversee your deals and close them. Set aside time to watch your trades and eventually close them.

Trying your hand at gold forex trading on your own may be too complicated. Our professionals are available for assistance here.

What Influences Gold Prices

Like other exchange-traded markets, the supply and demand equation governs gold pricing. Therefore, the price of gold will decrease if the gold market becomes oversupplied and gold demand does not increase to keep pace with supply. Additionally, the price of gold will increase if there is a growth in demand without a corresponding rise in supply.

The primary variables influencing the price of gold are:


Political and economic instability

Since gold is regarded as a safe-haven asset, it is utilised as a hedge against inflation during unstable periods. The historical usage of gold as a store of wealth and its consistency across time have given it the reputation of being a haven. Traders and investors may decide to store their wealth in gold rather than more risky assets when inflation increases, driving up the price of gold.

Political and economic instability

The biggest markets for gold are jewellery, technology, and investments. The market is reasonably stable as a result of the consistent and varied demand for gold. For instance, investment flows would prevent the price of gold from experiencing severe changes even while economic uncertainty would reduce demand for jewellery and other items.

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New Discoveries

Since there is a limited amount of gold available, new gold mining endeavours will eventually stop being lucrative. However, for the time being, mining continues to furnish 75% of all gold. Therefore, each new gold find will raise the metal’s supply and raise prices in the short run. Recycling is the second-largest source of supplies, primarily from jewellery or technology.

American dollars

Since gold is measured in US dollars, any changes in the value of the dollar might affect how appealing gold is to investors. For instance, someone wishing to purchase gold in a different currency would benefit if the value of the US dollar declined.

Risk Factors of Gold Forex

You should take into account a few things before trading gold on currency markets:


Throughout the day, there can be variations in how easily you can enter positions. However, barring EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and USD/JPY, the average daily trading volumes of gold pairs tend to outpace those of all other currency pairs.

Demand and Supply

Like any market, prices rise when supply is low, demand is high and fall when supply is high, and demand is low. Jewellery manufacturing accounts for half of the world’s gold demand, while investors account for 40%.

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Market Volatility

As we’ve already mentioned, the price volatility of gold is caused by people using it as a haven. People turn to gold when other higher-risk assets are underperforming. In contrast, gold trade levels decline when risk-on assets are robust.

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The risks of forex trading for gold owners include the potential for currency fluctuations to negatively impact the value of their gold collateral and the potential for losses due to market volatility or poor investment decisions. Gold owners may also face counterparty risk if trading through a broker or platform.

Gold owners can mitigate the risks of forex trading by diversifying their portfolio and allocating a portion of their assets to low-risk investments such as government bonds. 

They can also use risk management tools such as stop-loss orders or hedging strategies to limit potential losses. It’s also important to choose a reputable broker or trading platform and to clearly understand the risks involved in forex trading before investing.

Gold owners can use Forex trading to hedge against currency fluctuations by opening a currency-denominated account and buying currency pairs that are negatively correlated to the price of gold.