How to Get a Trading License in Adopt Me

Adopt Me has a wide selection of toys. The Trade License is a unique item that is less talked about in the game. Among the few things in the Adopt Me universe that cannot be traded or bought, this item is handy and non-tradeable. How do you get it?

What is a Trade License?

Even though it is not used just for fun, the Trade License falls under the category of a toy in Adopt Me! Once it is acquired, it can be used for trading. It can also be used for trading legendary pets. This is also a handy tool as well as the ability to see their trade history. The license can also be used to report scammers!

Obtaining the license is very helpful for all players who play Adopt Me, but a test still needs to be. Adopt Me’s trading process is then protected from those who would disrespect it.

How to Get a Trade License

The license can be obtained by visiting the Safety Hub first. You can find it next to the Farm and Potion Shops. It has a white, two-story façade adorned with gold scales. Upon entering, the test area is located at the door to the right of the stairs.

The Agent NPC can be found at the door. If you have forgotten something, he will go over the Trade License with you. As you pass through the door, you will see another agent down the hallway. A few more essential tips and a test readiness check will follow. He’ll move out of your way if you accept. A scenario will be presented to you. At this point, you can decide if you should trade or not.

You’ll be taken to an open courtyard when you successfully answer all three scenarios. The test can be retaken as many times as you need if you do not pass. Once you give, you’ll receive your license! Simply walk forward and press E.


That’s it! Following are the steps you need to take to adopt a trading license. Hopefully, these instructions will be helpful to you.


How do you start to trade in Adopt Me?

From the interactions menu, click on the person you wish to trade with and then choose Trade. A trade request will be sent to that player, who can accept or decline it. The trading screen will then open if both of you take the plea.

Why is trading not working in Adopt Me?

Trading in Adopt Me has been disabled on Wednesday 16th Sep 2020 for Korean players and Tuesday 1st Dec 2020 for Dutch players as part of Roblox’s program to comply with laws in The Netherlands and Korea prohibiting game trading.

Can you do codes in Adopt Me?

The game does not currently have working codes, but the developers are planning a big update soon.