Increase Your Ministry's Funds, Grow Your Savings With Our Investment Ideas For Churches

Local churches tend to have lower attendance rates. Many articles have shown a general decline in the Brits’ worship attendance. You need to be aware of this, even though this trend may not currently impact your church.

Younger generations tend to be less involved in local churches than older generations.

But what does any of this have to do with soliciting donations?

Well, the explanation is simple.

There will be fewer donors available if fewer people attend your church. Soon, the way you raise money for your church will look very different.

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Your church might already be feeling the effects of the change, but sometimes it could take years before you feel its full impact. You need to start preparing for this change immediately and investing and fundraising. 

Our experts here at Pearl Lemon Invest know the best and most effective fundraising and investment ideas that will surely make up for a decline in donations.

Give us a call today, and let’s discuss your church’s needs.

The Need For Churches To Invest

In today’s day and age, regular investors can open up investment accounts fairly quickly. But there are so many questions that arise when it comes to church investments.

  • Should churches make stock market investments? 
  • Do they have the option to open investment accounts? 
  • Is it also morally right or financially prudent for churches to have investment accounts?

The short answer is yes. Investments encourage and allow churches to grow their ministries and mission. Because it shows that the ministry you are doing is not stagnant, church growth is crucial.

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Compelling Fundraising And Investment Ideas For Churches

Your church is significantly supported by the time, wealth, and labour of your members. Many churches are concerned about asking for too much help from their members. 

So how do you encourage people to support your fundraising efforts? You can organize exciting events and campaigns your members will look forward to. 

Here are a few fundraising and investment suggestions to help you expand your efforts past donation jars.


The term “crowdfunding” refers to any initiative to raise money through contributions from many people. It was first used to draw modest investments to for-profit organizations.

However, many 501c3 and faith-based organizations have quickly turned to crowdfund as their primary source of income. Compared to other church fundraising strategies, crowdfunding has almost exclusively the advantage of allowing users to reach large audiences outside of their congregations or audiences.

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Online Giving

Through simple church fundraising software, online giving is a potent way for churches to raise more money from giving to church members and other donors.

Investing in specialized online fundraising software for churches and religious organizations can give your neighbourhood the resources to give more.

You can use online giving resources for weekly tithes, offerings and specific fundraising campaigns. As a result, you can also increase your regular church giving. For added convenience, churchgoers can donate using their mobile devices.

Text-to-Give Campaign

The fundraising strategy of text-to-give is quickly gaining popularity among churches and other religious institutions. That’s for an excellent reason-it does work!

Purchase text-to-give software, then demonstrate it at a Sunday morning service. You can even use displays and projectors to demonstrate how it functions to your congregation.

Text-to-give is incredibly simple for your church to implement and makes sense in the age of technology. Most churchgoers forget to bring cash, but everyone has their phone with them. The best text-to-give software for larger churches with multiple campuses is that which allows for multi-site giving.

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Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Another widely used tool, peer-to-peer fundraising, is an expanded version of crowdfunding. While crowdfunding typically uses a single landing page to gather general donations or donations for a particular cause for the church, a peer-to-peer page’s primary function is to invite supporters/congregation members to raise money on your behalf.

Thus, peer-to-peer fundraising entails several people setting up personal crowdfunding pages and connecting them to your church. Therefore, you should empower your supporters and members to reach out to their networks rather than relying solely on mass appeal.


Peer-to-peer fundraising has the major benefit of allowing congregation members and supporters to personalize the cause by outlining why it is essential to them. This personalization stirs feelings and boosts giving. 

Donations are more likely to be made to a friend or family-recommended charity. You must now rely on your fundraiser, though! Ensure you give them the tools and assistance they need to fund the fundraising.

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A lively and entertaining idea for face-to-face church fundraising is an auction. Gathering items for a charity auction gives you a fun way to engage with your congregants and a fantastic chance to network with nearby companies.

Request a variety of donations from nearby businesses. Promote the event, hire an auctioneer, and think about having food and beverages catered. Prior to starting, make sure everyone is aware of the rules.

The auction could also be held in silence.


A few months must be spent planning an auction, but the effort is worthwhile if done well. You can auction experiences instead of only tangible items to give auctions a unique twist.

Hosting art auctions is a good idea if you want to avoid purchasing items from nearby merchants. Ask your church’s congregation and local community members to create art and donate it to raise money for your church. There are undoubtedly some talented artists and people involved in the arts in your church and community.

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Your Trusted Financial Consultant

Whatever your circumstances, you and your church leadership must consider ways to increase your income sources. Your church will be better equipped to handle any fluctuations in giving that may happen now or in the future if you do this.

But even if your religious organization already has skilled fundraisers, an outside consultant can offer an important perspective on your plans. A superior level of knowledge is offered by knowledgeable church investment and fundraising consultants thanks to their extensive personal experience.

For the best outcomes, reach out to a consultant like Pearl Lemon Invest, who has proven their faith, dedication, and working knowledge of churches.

Give us a call today to learn more.


There is no single answer to this question. The type of fundraising and investment mainly depends on your church’s goals and capabilities. Give us a call today, and we’ll gladly discuss this with you.

The price of a financial advisor depends significantly on the firm, the fee schedule, and your location. Hourly rates above $100/hour, commission rates of 1% or higher, or yearly fixed fee retainers for high-net-worth individuals exceeding $1,000 are all common.

With the help of our investment and fundraising ideas, the church can interact with members of the neighbourhood community and businesses. These connections are vital because they enable the church to reach out to more community members and grow its donor base.