Investment Ideas for OFW

Grow Your Hard-Earned Money With Our Best Investment Ideas For Ofws

OFWs are modern-day heroes and serve as a symbol of Filipino talent and skill outside of the country. Filipinos working abroad are drawn to do so because they want to improve their standard of living and make more money. However, they should be aware that there is no guarantee that they will be able to work abroad indefinitely.

Given this situation, many OFWs make every effort to save money and meet their families’ requirements at home to invest in the Philippines for retirement. Although it would seem like a step in the right direction, OFWs still require more than money to ensure the future of their families.

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Sadly, only 7.8% of OFW households invest their money. If you’re not part of that 7.8%, this is your sign to invest your money now. Some are hesitant to start because of the risks or simply don’t know when and where to start. 

Good thing OFWs can get financial advice with Pearl Lemon Invest. As your financial advisor, we shall assess your financial situation and recommend the best investment practices based on your objectives.

It only takes less than a minute to book a call and gain valuable investment for OFWs’ advice from us.

Why Invest?

Making money through investments could seem unrealistic, out of reach for most people, or too risky to ever consider. However, making a wise, appropriate investment can be the difference between being completely dependent on your pension to fund your future or having financial independence and being able to retire early.

As your financial advisor, we at Pearl Lemon Invest recommend putting investing on your to-do list if you still haven’t considered doing so. To further convince you, we listed more reasons here:

Reach Your Financial Goals By Investing

Some people make investments to help them accomplish specific life goals. For instance, if you dream of fulfilling your dreams, such as purchasing a home, a new investment vehicle, or travelling the world would serve as your motivation for investing. You should make a list of your objectives, including a timeline. 

You need a lot of money to accomplish that. Your objectives could be short, medium, or long-term. You can increase your wealth by investing your money while keeping your goals and objectives in mind.

You can make money and accomplish your goals without working your entire life.

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Stay Ahead Of Inflation

Aside from reaching your financial goals, investing can assist you in staying ahead of inflation. The tendency for money to depreciate over time is known as inflation. It gauges the rising cost of living by referring to the gradual increase in the price of goods and services.

The slowly rising inflation rate has reduced many OFWs’ salaries over the previous few years. Investing your money is a technique to attempt and stay ahead of inflation, although no investment can guarantee a return. Ideally, your return will beat the rate of inflation.

Simply put, assume that the inflation rate is currently 2%. If your portfolio generated a return of 7%, your real return would be 5%. For comparison, over the previous 90 years, the S&P 500 index’s average yearly return was a little under 10%. Your money would stay well ahead of the inflation rate if you invested it in a fund that follows that index.

Your Savings Account Is Not Enough

It can seem obvious to save money in a savings account to secure your financial future. However, how well the interest rate on the account performs with inflation will always determine how well your savings perform.

By investing that money instead, you can outperform the inflation rate while simultaneously earning a higher rate of return than you would from a savings account.

Instead of relying on the decisions made by the Federal Reserve and FOMC, it gives you the option to take charge of your financial situation.

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Compelling Investment Options For Ofw

OFWs and their families need to accept that they will eventually need to retire, and their income won’t be as high as it once was. Therefore, they must increase their financial resources, and earning money in other currencies just fuels the fire so they have more options and more money to invest.

The compelling investments for OFWs are listed below for you to think about, whether you want to save money for your post-OFW life or increase your retirement fund.

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Mutual Funds and UITFs

Unit Investment Trust Funds (UITFs) and mutual funds function similarly. Investors take part in funds and profit based on their performance. The primary distinction between the two is that investors purchase shares via mutual funds while purchasing units via UITFs. Banks handle UITFs, whereas professional fund managers develop your money with mutual funds, another important contrast.

Since a professional can handle a business in the Philippines, investing in mutual funds and UITFs doesn’t require much work. You can ask them to help open a UITF investment account if you already have a Philippine bank account.

To open one without going to your branch, you can alternatively check your bank’s website. On the other hand, some mutual fund companies can assist OFWs in getting started.


Due to the development of internet trading platforms, Filipinos working abroad can now trade on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), regardless of where they are.

Furthermore, many internet stock brokers let you start an account for as little as PHP 5,000. Due to their great earning potential, OFWs can invest more and make monthly additions.

If done correctly, stock investing can help your money grow. With the stock market, annual returns of 50% are feasible, but you will undoubtedly need to make an effort to understand and study. The good news is that financial literacy seminars have spread beyond the Philippines to nations with large populations of overseas Filipino workers.

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Real Estate

A property is a physical asset as opposed to stocks and mutual funds. Compared to other investments, real estate investments are one of the best ways OFWs prefer to make. The advantages of living independently are personal, to name another.

In the first year or two that OFWs work overseas, real estate investing can be possible thanks to their earnings in foreign currency. It could take many years to accumulate enough money for a down payment on a property, especially compared to individuals working in the country.

Real estate properties can provide excellent profits. Additionally, you will have a sizeable cash reserve in the millions if you decide to sell your property.

Nowadays, it’s simple for OFWs to make quick money by renting out their vacant apartments or condos, thanks to the popularity of short-term rentals through internet platforms like Airbnb and Agoda Homes.

Be careful to conduct extensive research and determine your financial and investment options before purchasing a home and land in the Philippines. You should also work with a reliable real estate developer to ensure your purchase is in good hands.

Still not convinced? Give us a call today, and we’ll give you more list of investment opportunities right away!

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Double Your Money When You Have A Professional By Your Side

To attain your goals and objectives through investing, keep in mind that you must grow your money and invest wisely. Investment requires knowledge, perseverance, and a responsible approach, but if done well, it can put you in control and enable you to make your own decisions.

At this point, you’re probably convinced to invest your money. If you’re a beginner and still confused about where to start, don’t worry! Pearl Lemon Invest can help you. 

Our team of professionals is continually updated with the stock market and news, and we can use that when advising on when and where to invest your money.

We’re the best people to come into regarding OFW investment. Reach us today– and let’s discuss!


With as little as ₱1,000 to ₱5,000, you can start investing in things like stocks, mutual funds, and government investment schemes. If you are unable to contribute at least ₱1,000 per month, you could want to think about simpler investments for beginners like the GInvest, which allows investing for just $50. However, don’t anticipate large gains because the investment is so small. However, especially for novices, it’s a terrific approach to begin the habit of investing.

Investing 10% to 15% of your monthly income is recommended. Therefore, if you make ₱20,000 per year, you should invest at least ₱2,000 each month. But in the end, getting started is more important than how much money you put in.

Through the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE), stock purchases are possible in the Philippines. As an investor, you have the option of buying stocks directly. You can also decide to invest in tools like UITFs, which can buy equities using investor money.