Our Algorithmic
Development Process


Identify manual traders with strong track records of a minimum of 24 weeks through turbulent market conditions


Interview these traders to discuss their history and a possible collaboration


Identify key patterns in their trading style to determine whether it’s possibly to automate their key strategies


Conduct a detailed interview with the trader and our development team to understand how much of their trading can be automated


Interview these traders to discuss their history and a possible collaboration

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Once the algorithm is developed, it is launched upon a demo server to see how it trades in historical market conditions


Depending upo the complexity of the algorithm and/or the turbulence of the historical markets we’ll backtest the algorithm through various micro events such as a drop in oil price because of international tensions to macro events such as the global pandemic
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We stress test the algorithm intensively over a 5-20 year period through different scenarios


Ideally the algorithm doesn’t ‘blow up’, and lose the balance in the demo account


As the algorithm trades we hand it back to the trader, as well as select individuals in our circle to refine the algorithm based upon its performance


These recommendations and then centralised, approved by the initial trader and us, and then passed back to the development team for further fine tuning


Once this process is complete, we do further backtesting to help give us an indication of how an algorithm will perform in future/current market conditions

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If the algo has reached this stage (most don’t), we open up the algorithm onto the live markets with some of our own funds (up to £10,000) for a 4-8 week period


We name the algorithm in preparation for a client launch


All being well (again few algo’s make it), we open up the algorithm to a small proportion of our clients for 4-8 week period at the £10-30,000 range


If again the algorithm performs well, we identify which clients this algorithm is most suited for and roll out the algorithm across these client accounts


This whole process is a 6 month period through which we’ll start with between 10-25 algorithms and typically end up with 1-2 that ultimately are usable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our algorithmic development process refers to the steps and methods used to create and improve algorithms, which are sets of instructions used to solve specific problems or accomplish certain tasks.

The problem that the algorithm will solve is typically determined by identifying a specific task or problem that the algorithm is intended to address. This could be through research, customer feedback, or identifying a gap in existing solutions.

We improve the algorithm after it has been deployed by using user feedback, monitoring its performance, and analyzing the results. The algorithm can be updated and re-tested to improve its performance.