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It’s a big move to quit your job and try to make a career with forex. So, if you’re considering this option, the more information you have, the better!

Forex trading is not a brand-new concept. It’s been around for a long time, and you’ve probably heard some fantastic success stories about it online or from friends and relatives. Is it, however, genuinely possible to land a promising career from forex trading.

It’s easy to see why people want to get involved in the world of forex when they see others online claiming to have made millions in a matter of months! However, forex trading is not a “get rich quick” scam, and most people have unrealistic expectations.

However, it’s still possible to succeed in the forex world if you’re willing to make an effort. The first steps can be pretty daunting. To help you out, here is some information about the forex world and how to start your journey.


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Jobs related to forex trading

The most common careers in forex trading are individual traders, which means people who use their funds to trade on the currency markets and return a profit. 

This is perhaps the most straightforward way to get into trading. There is no need for a job interview or travelling to an office, and you just open up your laptop and place positions. This is less of a job and more like a business since you’re running everything on your own- you control your income.

There are some drawbacks to this situation. Income can fluctuate heavily depending on how well your trading is going. If you go through a bad few weeks or months, your profits can take a hit and leave you struggling. 

Furthermore, diving straight into forex on your own is always quite challenging and risky. If you don’t have a set income and you want to focus solely on trading, you’ll find yourself in a bit of trouble if it doesn’t work out.

Most other jobs relating to forex trading will be trading for someone else or trading as part of a company. This will mean another party will fund the trading account while you make the trades and profits on the account.

Situations can vary from company to company. Some jobs will offer you a set income based on your services while taking the profits from the trading. Others will offer you a percentage of the profits you make.

Different jobs will cater to different people. If you prefer certainty in your income, then the first scenario will benefit you. However, if you want an income based on how well you perform, a percentage-based payout will work better for you.

How to land a job in forex


Whichever direction you choose to go in, you’ll need to make sure your trading skills are up to scratch. Companies won’t hire you if you’re struggling to open profitable positions! If you’re looking to trade on your own, you’ll need to make profits there as well.

After you’ve sorted out your trading skills, you have two options. Search for employment by working for a company or investor, fund your account, and trade independently.

There are many ways to apply to companies. Make use of the internet as many companies will be posting job applications online. Ensure that you pick out a contract that works well for you.

If you’re looking to trade individually, you’ll need to make sure your skills are extra sharp before you start. You’ll be taking up all the risk, so it’s best to start with some comfy profits.

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