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What is Forex?

Forex is the international foreign exchange market. Banks, institutions, and individual traders purchase and sell currencies to and from one another via different foreign currency brokers. The daily trading volume of currencies across the world is over £4.15 trillion every single day. This is a drastically larger sum than that of all stock markets. Forex is among the most liquid and volatile markets in the world. This makes it perfect for algorithmic trading.

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What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading is the buying and selling of an asset class through the use of coded algorithms. This means that there is no human input in day-today trade execution. The only human inputs are in the creation of the initial rule set and directions the algorithm will follow when executing trades. This makes trading far less stressful and far more efficient for investors, as it requires almost no effort on their part. Unless they’re designing the algorithm that is.

Why trade forex?

  1. Liquidity – Capital invested in forex trading is extremely liquid. Meaning that it can be moved out of your account fairly rapidly. There are no stipulations or laws on withdrawals like other funds people might have. If you want your money out of the market, you can simply take it out.
  2. Volatility – The foreign currency market is an extremely volatile one. While this might be perceived as intimidating for some due to the chances of larger losses, this means that the opportunity for gains is also much larger. Not to mention, that a back tested and well-reviewed software will be doing it for you.
  3. Passive Income – Likely the most important reason of all. This is all done in the background, in order to allow you to focus on the things that are most important. This is what makes this opportunity such a powerful tool.
  4. Tax Laws – While it varies from country to country, tax laws in regards to gains through forex trading can be favorable to that of other investments.
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Do I need to be a trader?

Not in the slightest. However, having a basic understanding of currency markets and trading platforms will certainly make things easier moving forward.

Is trading with an algorithm legal?

Yes, it is! Nearly according to the Financial Times, nearly 50-60% of forex trading can be attributed to algorithmic trading. Many would say that it is nearly impossible to compete without using an algorithm unless you’re a seasoned trader.

How do I monitor my investments?

Our algorithmic trading partners make ROI viewable in real-time. You will never be in the dark about your trading performance.

Can I see historical trades/losses?

Yes, we can share links on MY FX book.

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Is there any live data I can look at?

Yes, we can share links for this as well on MY FX book.

What kind of ROI can I expect from your forex software?

Return on investment varies based on market conditions. However, monthly returns above 3-5% are common.

Is this a speculative investment?

Yes. For 24 hours a day; 5-days a week, your money will be out being traded on the market; there is always the possibility that you may lose some income. This kind of risk is inherent to trading.

Can I speak to 2/3 clients?

Yes, that’s possible however, we would need to check with them first.

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Do you own your algorithm?

We do not own a trading algorithm. We have partnered with a technology company to provide one.

Am I being charged more for going through you rather than your partner?

Nope! There are no fees whatsoever. We take a % of the overall trading volume which doesn’t impact your return, only our partner’s.

How many different algorithms are there?

We currently offer 3 different FX algorithms that offer varying degrees of risk.

How does it work EXACTLY?

  1. Our partner provides algorithmic trading software.
  2. You set up an account with an FCA regulated broker.
  3. On your account, go through all of the KYC anti-money laundering checks.
  4. Once your money is deposited, the broker will send you logins for your MetaTrader (a mobile app) account where your money would be traded on the markets
  5. Together we would discuss your desired trading style (conservative, speculative or otherwise) and our partner’s team will walk you through some of the initial parameters for their algorithm.
  6. Our partner will (with your permission) install a conservative trading algorithm on the account to begin executing trades
  7. You, at any time, if you choose to, can pause the algorithm and execute manual trades yourself.
  8. Daily, the algorithm will open and close trades to start earning profits
  9. This can all be finished in a few days.
  10. You can watch everything happen live via our partner’s mobile app.
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