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Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom, What Does That Really Mean?


Your One Stop Shop
to Navigating the Path to
Financial Freedom

Achieving Financial Freedom, What Does That Really Mean?


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Most of us have experienced this feeling at least once; the panic that sets in when you’re confronted with an unexpected bill. A huge bill to repair the car you rely on to go to work. A surprise rent increase set by a landlord who couldn’t care less whether you were already just scraping by or not. How are you going to pay for that and still eat?

But what if these things were just a small inconvenience? And that instead of worrying you pay the bill, meet the rent increase or whatever without thinking twice. Three days later you’ve forgotten that it even happened, that’s how little it affected your overall financial situation.

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Can you imagine the relief that would bring you? That's what financial freedom feels like.

But handling car repairs and rent increases are just small parts of the bigger picture. Financial freedom is knowing you don’t have to worry about your lifestyle changing for the worse when you retire because you’ve had a financial plan  for it in place for years. It’s the freedom to quit the J-O-B you hate to do something you love.

Financial freedom means you can make the life decisions that suit you without being stressed about the financial impact they might have on your life because you are prepared. You are in control of your finances instead of being controlled by them.

Achieving financial freedom and building real wealth. That’s what Pearl Lemon Invest is about.

One thing to get straight up front:

The path to financial freedom with Pearl Lemon Invest is not a fly by night get-rich-quick scheme. Led by Pearl Lemon Group founder and managing director Deepak Shukla – about whom you’ll hear a lot more – Pearl Lemon Invest is an educational platform.

Deepak – or anyone else involved in Pearl Lemon Invest – have not come up with some crazy ‘super secret’ plan to get rich that you can buy off them for £49 that will have you set up in a yacht in six months. Pearl Lemon Invest is not that kind of company. If you are looking for that, we can’t help you. If however, you are looking for realistic ways to build realistic wealth, we can.

And financial freedom does not mean that you’re “free” of the responsibility of handling your money correctly. In fact, it means the opposite. Having complete control over your finances and achieving financial freedom is the fruit of hard work and time. And all of that effort is worth it!

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Learning About Delayed Gratification

You may have heard the term ‘delayed gratification’ but are not quite sure exactly what it means. It is however a very important principle to follow if you want to become financially free.

Here’s an interesting question for you; just why do you eat? Your answer is probably because you have to. Or because the food is there and everyone else is eating too. And when do you stop eating? When there is no food left on your plate or when you feel so full that your stomach is telling you that it could not handle even a bite more.

But what if you delay the gratification that a meal offers to you until you can actually enjoy it? Doesn’t that meal taste a lot better if you have twenty minutes to enjoy it at a leisurely pace when you actually have the time to do so, rather than scoffing it down in five minutes because that is when everyone around you is taking a lunch break too? That is a very basic example of delayed gratification.

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The Marshmallow Effect

The positive effects of delayed gratification were famously demonstrated in an experiment conducted by researchers at Stanford University in the 1960s. The principle was simple. A group of schoolchildren aged four and five were gathered in a room. They were offered a single marshmallow by the researchers, but also given the option of getting two marshmallows if they could wait fifteen minutes to eat the treat they had already been given while the adults ‘went on an errand’, leaving the room.

Obviously some children opted to eat their treat right away, but others were indeed, even at that very young age, able to wait the time that they needed to in order to get the extra snack.

The most striking thing about this experiment was years in coming though. Revisiting the children as adults years later the researchers were able to note striking differences between the two sets of kids. Namely, the children, now grown-ups, who had waited for their marshmallows were more likely to have graduated high school and gone on to university, were less likely to be affected by addictions and were generally better off financially.

Financial Freedom and Delayed Gratification

At this point you may be wondering what all of this talk of delayed gratification means to you, a person hoping to begin a journey that will lead to financial freedom. Well, if you look at your venture in terms of the marshmallow example, building a strong financial portfolio  will take hard work, patience and effort. But the eventual results of those efforts should be well worth waiting for; they’ll be that second marshmallow.

This delayed gratification can manifest itself in a number of ways. Sure, you really want to quit your 9 to 5 right now and maybe, several months into your new journey you are just making enough money that, technically, if you gave up your job right now you could just scrape by.

But do you want to just scrape by? Of course not. So although it will take longer to build the kind of wealth you need to live not just a passable life outside your current situation – ie working to make money for someone else – but a wonderful life, one that leaves you free to follow your dreams, the extra effort, and the extra time will be worth it.

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What 'Newbies' Need to Know About Investing

The idea of investing money can be very scary for a first timer.It’s easy to become confused, overwhelmed and even scared. The fear of ‘losing it all’ is very real for first time investors and the fact that the Internet seems to be filled with conflicting advice – and an awful lot of rather suspicious looking ‘get rich quick’ schemes makes it an even more daunting prospect.

However, as sensible financial investments really are a key way to secure your financial future allowing these doubts to stop you from finally getting into the investment game it’s a real shame. Here’s a look at some things newbie investors can – and should – know to make the experience profitable – and maybe even pleasurable -right from the start.

Understand That Investing Is Not Gambling

One very popular argument against ‘ordinary’ people getting into investing is that investing is ‘just like’ gambling. However, although investing can be risky, the risks involved are very different to those involved in gambling.

Here’s the difference: A share of common stock is ownership in a company. It entitles the holder to a claim on assets as well as a fraction of the profits that the company generates. Too often, investors think of shares as simply a trading vehicle, and they forget that stock represents the ownership of a company.

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A company whose performance will directly affect the value of the stock. A value that

can be influenced. And determining which company’s stock is likely to perform best is certainly a skill. A skill that can be learned, but a real skill indeed.

Or, another great investment opportunity; property. If you decide to explore all that property investing has to offer you will be able to see – and walk through, and even live in if you like – your purchase, it’s something that’s tangible and real.

Gambling, on the other hand, is a zero-sum pursuit. Money is taken from one party (the loser) and given directly to another (the winner) No value is ever created and the whole thing is down to luck. Basically investing and gambling are completely different things, so this argument/myth is completely invalid.

Start Slowly

Putting a lot of money into your very first foray into the world of investing is not only a frightening concept but it is not a very smart one either. You should only invest money that you could afford to lose. Betting next month’s mortgage payment on a hot stock tip you found online will almost always end in tears.

To this end you should understand that it is okay to start small. As you learn more about investing and how it works then you will begin to build the wealth you need to invest more and to do so in higher risk financial investments that offer a larger gain. But never risk your basic financial security for today.

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Educate Yourself and Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

It really cannot be said often enough: as a first time investor you need to educate yourself, keep learning and take advice from those who have gone before you.

Chances are that you don’t even spend money on a decent meal out these days without checking the restaurant’s Yelp! reviews right? The same goes for investing. And any other form of wealth building activity. And that’s where Pearl Lemon Invest comes in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Pearl Lemon Invest we have spent many hours trying to simplify the process of using our algorithms. Below is a small list of what you need to have to start your algorithms trading for your.

-Purchase your Pearl Lemon Invest algorithm.

-Set up your META Trader 4 platform.

-Set up your Varianse account.

This process is explained ‘HERE’, alternatively please get in contact with us to which our cheery staff will guide you each stage and make sure you are set up and ready to tackle the markets.

You can click on the live results tab and view the performance via MY FX Book.

All you have to do is go to our website, and click on “Buy now”. Then you just have to follow the instructions.

We will licence the Robot to your account number at your broker, it will not require a password.

We can create a demo account for you, all you have to do is send an email to our support team, and they will let you know about the details.

Installing your algorithm is a quick and simple process. Please ‘Click’ to follow a step by step guide on how to install your algorithm.

There are never two accounts exactly the same in the forex market, even though the settings can be the same. There will be always differences. If often depends on your broker’s execution time and pricing, so it’s critical to have a good and reliable broker.

The account size should be a minimum of £10,000 per account. Pearl Lemon Invest works on any account balance above £10,000.

We recommend to have a stable internet connection and computer hardware, working without interruptions 24 hours a day from the market opening on Monday to the market closing on Friday. If you need any advice on this matter, give us a call, or request a call back from u, we’ll be happy to advise you on the technology set-up that you’ll need. 

You need not worry about your computer losing power of re-booting either; the trades that are currently ‘open’ will stay open until the computers power is restored, no new trades will open until the system will resumes normal trading, as the power is restored. Just start your computer, run Metatrader again, and, ensure that your application is turned on. It will continue trading.

The EA can trade on all major currency pairs. This algorithm is not suitable for trading commodities of precious metals.

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